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Shooting, Day Two

Well, I've improved since the first time I went shooting. José and I went to the Palm Beach Shooting Center (don't go there unless you wish to see a really bad site). We took two to three hours and each fired through 100 rounds, José with his rented Beretta and I with my CZ 75 B.

15 rounds were fired at each target. The first 15 were a warmup and the last five were fired with the other person's gun: José's Targets and Erik's Targets.

Targets A, 1: Warmup. José from 15 feet, me from 30.
Targets B, 2: Standing, 30 feet, two hands, slow fire.
Targets C, 3: Standing, 30 feet, one hand, slow fire.
Targets D, 4: Standing, 15 feet, two, two, one hand(s), rapid fire*.
Targets E, 5: Standing, 60 feet, two hands, slow fire.
Targets F, 6: Sitting, 30 feet, two hands, slow fire.
* five shots in two seconds.

The penultimate five shots were shot one-handed at the back of a target at 25 feet (José clearly beat me here). The last five shots were fired one-handed as rapidly as possible at a target 25 feet away. José hit the paper one time. My third shot hit the clip near the top, setting the target in a swinging motion, but all five of my shots found the paper.

We had a great day. The Beretta's got a very nice grip. I wouldn't give it up for mine, but the molded-in finger slots helped José out. He's very good one-handed - even better than two-handed - and puts up some stiff competition there.