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QotD: Tickets

Question: How do you buy plane tickets?

My Answer: I typically buy via, but since I plan to make a lot of trips to PA (or Cleveland or Buffalo) in the coming months, I'm trying to find the best plan.

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7 Responses to "QotD: Tickets"

  1. I hit them all up: expedia, priceline,, cheaptickets, etc. Whoever has the best deal gets my money.

  2. I usually go exclusively to JetBlue and buy a ticket through them. It makes it easier to buy tickets going to one place, because I'm lazy, and they usually have very good deals on flights. Since I usually one fly to one city, that's fine by me.

  3. Since the only place I fly is to Montana (several times a year), I just buy direct from a while in advance.

  4. Where are you going in Cleveland? I live in a suburb of the city.

  5. Traveling

    Erik asked about where to buy cheap plane tickets on his blog, and it amazed me to read the comments and hear about people who basically only go to one city. I can't imagine that! In the past year, I've been to Yosemite, Monterey, LA, Erie, Pennsyl...

  6. You may want to check out

  7. I'm bugging Erik till he tells me where to get cheap tickets 😉