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QotD: REALbasic

Question: How many REALbasic apps do you use on a regular basis?

My Answer: Zero. How many exist in my /Applications folder? Zero.

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7 Responses to "QotD: REALbasic"

  1. One: Free Ruler. I tested a number of similar applications and it was the best one at the time. I never felt the need to look for another one since.

  2. There is one in my /Applications folder, but it is quite buggy so I don't use it. My answer would therefore be 0.

  3. Zero, and zero in my /Applications.

  4. If it was a well designed app, you likely wouldn't know. Unless your a geeky programmer and can go in take a look at the guts or they specifically tell you. Got something against RB?

  5. Two: WhistleBlower — a server monitoring utility, that's been running 24/7 on an OSX system for several months. Very well done. And IntelliMerge SQL — an (expensive) mailing list tool, but presently the only thing that interacts with an SQL database. (I understand that may change, however, with MailDrop 2.0 🙂

    Greg said that if an application were well designed, you'd likely not know it was RB. That's probably true. The above two application prove (at least to me) that solid applications can be developed in RB. However, the large majority of RB applications I've tried have been total poop. That's probably more likely a reflection on the developers, than REALBasic. Really good apps are going to come from really good developers, and really good developers are likely _not_ to choose RB.

  6. I'm pretty sure I don't use any.

  7. mactracker anyone? i think thats made in rb.

    so 1 and 1 in /apps