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QotD: Bookmarks

Question: How many bookmarks do you have?

My Answer: I've got about twenty in my bookmarks bar in Safari (naming them "1" and "3" and "R4" and "Int" and so on saves a lot of space). I almost never look at my actual bookmarks… so I effectively have only twenty.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Bookmarks"

  1. According to Safari Bookmark Checker I have 275 bookmarks. I probably look at about 20 of these sites regularly.

  2. 112 accessible from Safari's bookmark bar. 231 "to do" links in a folder on my desktop. 585 on my links blog. And is telling me I have 989 links with them (which seems somewhat suspect to me). If the number is correct, that would make 1917 intentionally saved "bookmarks." (Neither counting links that show up on my weblog, nor pages in my blogroll which has taken the place of a lot of bookmars that were used to check sites regularly.)

  3. Around 840...I didn't subtract the 30 or so subfolders. I bookmark just about anything interesting I run across and put it in it's proper bookmark subfolder. I wish Safari would autocomplete by bookmark title in addition to URL.

    Check out SafariBookmarkChecker:

  4. Don't use SBC, it generates false positives. (My post: here.)

    I have about 800 bookmarks in Safari. I had loads more on my Linux machine, but they got lost in a disk crash. In fact, moving through operating systems I tend to lose bookmarks over time!

    I have about 5-10 that I use regularly on the bookmark bar, and one "News" folder that opens about 20 tabs.

    I've noticed that Google, in the past few years, has taken over from bookmarks for finding useful things again. It truly is the CLI of the Internet.