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iPhoto is Broken

  1. Create a smart album in iPhoto 4.0.1
  2. Make the criteria "Title contains abcxyz123" (or some other such nonsense, including a valid title)
  3. Observe that iPhoto lists every damn photo in the "smart" album.

Seems to work fine for some people, though.

5 Responses to "iPhoto is Broken"

  1. I have the problem also, the work around is to add a condition that can not be true, for example date is before April 10, 1910. This will cause the smart album to work.

  2. Also forgot to add that Apple knows about this and had documented it here.

  3. I had something similar: I have some smartalbuns to aggregate my albuns by date so I can count the number of photos and total file size and compare with my manually arranged tree to make sure I'm not forgeting any pic or that iPhoto is not doing anything wrong. Anyway, I have "Any" and "Album is 20040701-something" or "Album is 20040702-something else", etc.

    Then one day I was not able to add a new album rule to that smart album. I'd add a new rule, select the album, do Ok and the album field would be empty and I'd get a very strange selection - not like if I don't have that rule, and not every picture.

    I gave up fighting against it, and after two weeks it started working again.

    I did check everything, from free disk space, to file permissions, iphoto.xml consistency (with xmllint), removed thumb caches, etc. In those two weeks, there was no system updates and no new photos.

    I'm just trying to forget that it happened. I'm having a similar problem with iSync and I don't want to start thinking about MacOSX being similar to windows and I don't want to stop trusting my computer.

  4. In my experience, it doesn't ALWAYS do that. I've seen a smart album do it, then I deleted the album and re-created it and it worked as it should. Very strange behavior indeed.

  5. New iPhoto 4.0.2

    What is new in iPhoto 4.0.2

    iPhoto 4.0.2 addresses minor issues with Smart Albums and European books, and provides notification when new versions of iPhoto are available.

    Download iPhoto 4.0.2 or run Software Update.

    It seems to solve my probl...