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QotD: Terrorist Elections

terrorists_against_bush.gifQuestion: If polls showed Bush and Kerry dead even, and terrorists threatened to disrupt the elections, who do you think would win?

My Answer: I think that Republicans tend to have a bit more of a "stick it to them" attitude and would thus not be as easily scared away from the polling stations. Of course, I have no polling information. I do find it rather interesting that Florida was called for Gore and voters were told that the polls had closed an hour before the election was done (8pm, not 7pm), but how people can estimate that such happenings cost Bush 6,000 or more votes is beyond me.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Terrorist Elections"

  1. Erik,

    You might be happy to know I'm not going to touch this one with ten-foot poll.

  2. I see that Airbag has a related topic...

  3. Playing devil's advocate: Wouldn't terrorists, or more specifically Bin-Laden, prefer that Bush stay in the White House? His 'stick it to 'em' attitude would make it easier to recruit angry, disillusioned Arabs. Wouldn't it?

  4. I'm tired of these announcements. Don't celebrate Independence Day. Don't go to the Democratic Convention. (What about the Republican one? I'm not trying to be sarcastic, I missed an announcement if there was one and was curious about it.) Don't go to the election booth. Granted they don't say "don't go" but they're always warning us to be cautious. Everyone I knew celebrated Independence Day anyway and it appears that both conventions will have a good turnout. Should we expect anyone to really avoid the polls if less important things wouldn't keep them home?