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Josh says that my TrackBacks aren't working. I recently updated the blog to MT 3.0.1D, and if TrackBacks aren't working, well that's just disappointing.

I'm also using MT-Blacklist, so, perhaps the issue is a compounding one. Please attempt to TrackBack this article (feel free to TrackBack asking or ruminating about MT-Blacklist if you'd like) so that I may test this out.


Update: A new version of MT-Blacklist has resolved the issues (I think).

7 Responses to "TrackBack This Entry"


    As you can see, I’m developing the third version of right now. It coincides with my installation of MovableType 3.01D. I have been generally satisfied with the improvements to the MT interface, although I see very few functional impr...

  2. Erik,

    Your also aware that the talkback link doesn't work I assume... the link that shows others trackbacks to you.

  3. Right, it shows an MT-Blacklist error. I've filed the appropriate bug.

  4. What version of MT-Blacklist are you using? Are you beta testing the new MT3-happy version?

  5. Yes.

  6. Neuronal research

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  7. I posted a trackback from WP 1.2, no problems. 🙂