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Who Pays for Your News?

I was going to say something clever about this, but I think the image below says it all for me.


Soon as I see Quality News, I'll pay for it. Until then…

3 Responses to "Who Pays for Your News?"

  1. Mmmmm... PithHelmet.

    Of course, if everyone freeloads like me the system will come down, because I use TiVo to 30-second-skip all TV ads, and I use Safari to block pop-ups, and I use PithHelmet to block 99% of all web ads.

    So the only way they can get me is radio, and I use presets for that 😉

    I guess Magazines and Billboards, but I can ignore them. And Magazine ads tend to be more interesting anyway, as they're a helluva lot more targeted than web ads are, it seems to me.

  2. Has there ever been such a thing as quality news? You will be waiting a long long time to pay for quality news because the news these days is biased in one way or another.

  3. Well, you have your choice between the ad-supported news, and the crazy Indymedia kids. I know which one I'm choosing.