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Back to Erie

On July 21, I'll be heading back to Erie for a few days. Originally scheduled to return on the 27th, Expedia (grrrr) screwed up the booking. I'll now return on the 29th at, ugh, 6am or so. The purpose of my trip back? Five letters: C-A-R-E-Y.

Yes, things are going swimmingly! I'm in love, Carey is in love (with me, I think…), and we're trying to plan out some of the things we're going to do while I'm up there. We may head up to Niagara Falls, we may go to the Cleveland Zoo or to a Pittsburgh Pirates game (I've never been to the "new" stadium).

It's amazing, this whole "in love" thing. I'd forgotten what it felt like, having last fallen in love eight years ago, and it's refreshing, revitalizing, and re… uhh… really great. I liked Carey a lot back in high school, but I love her now. We've named our kids, we've picked out our homes (window shopping on realty sites), we've talked about how to raise them, how to stay together, how to have fun.

I feel like sighing now, so, ahhhhhhhhhh…

One Response to "Back to Erie"

  1. After reading the post with that chart on words per post, I hunted down the "early june" post that was about a million words long.

    I read it (a month later). It was the best post I've read online in a long time. I can relate completely. I loved that post. It was genuine, real, full of felling, full of life. It was 100% freshly squeezed pure PulpReality. (Sorry. Thats the best witty thing I could add at 4:27 am) 🙂

    I'm very happy for you and Carey.