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Gmail Invitations

I've still got a few Gmail invitations. To give them away, we'll have a simple contest: tell me your favorite post here on NSLog(); (and be serious) and "win" a Gmail invitation. I have two now, but I imagine I'll be restocked after they're gone. I'll send invitations in order of comment entry. If you don't want a Gmail invitation but wish to post anyway, please note that in your comment.

28 Responses to "Gmail Invitations"

  1. most recently - it was the QoD about the top 100 movies

    Ed: Invited!

  2. It's definitely the PulpFiction announcement from a few months ago.

    Felt exciting to see some innovation in the mac rss reader market.

    Second best would be your recent posts about relationships. Always interesting to peer into peoples private lives 😉

    Ed: Invited!

  3. Long time reader, first time poster. I'd have to say that I really loved your recent post about your upcoming trip to Erie. I thought that your description of love in that post was really amazing. This coming from a guy who is also in love. 🙂

    Ed: Invited!

  4. A Crush Realized hit very close to home for me, because when I read that I too was realizing a long, long-time crush, and it was the first time I had read something on a weblog where it was almost as if I had written it myself, and I knew completely where you were coming from. Your situation was exactly the same as mine, right down to being out of touch for seven years. I'm not exaggerating -- it was eerie.

    Ed: Invited

  5. Heartbreak. Definitely.

    That personal note was very moving and got me thinking for a long, long time. About myself, esp. when I was younger, being too afraid of letting anyone close, just so noone could cause that pain again. Never wanting to be hurt again, to cry again, rather go on living a dead life.

    About that girl who made me unable to cry again for many years. And in the end, it made me happy about the way I then chose. My girlfriend and I have been a couple for almost two and a half years now, and I love her, and have overcome my fear of heartbreak. Not because of that blog entry of yours, but it reminded me…

    Ed: Invited

  6. Have you thought about donating your Gmail invitations to

  7. Definitely "Some good examples of bad UI." I can go anywhere for bright cheery Apple "yessing," but former Apple employees who actually point out crap when they see it are few and far between. Thanks for a great blog!

  8. Hey, I want to revise and extend my remarks. I didn't mean to come off all self-righteous. I meant my question literally. I wanted to know if you were aware of Gmail4Troops, and if not to make you aware. Whether you decide to hand over your invites or not is entirely your business, and I express no opinion about whether you should or not. I just thought it'd be cool if you knew there was that option.

  9. Loved your Trip to Erie post. It pretty much summarizes what we're chasing in life (at least, the single guys and girls out there who are still doing the chasing). That moment when you're head over heels for someone, life completely changes. Everything has meaning. You snap out of a fog. You're psyched to wake up and spend time with that person. It's what keeps all of us singles from bouncing back after bad relationships/dates. You know that all the struggles can be so worth it.

    It's just neat how another person's presence or voice does all that. So simple, but so life changing.

  10. It's astonishing how many people (already 8+ in this post) will whore themselves for a stupid webmail account.

  11. It's astonishing how many people (already 8+ in this post) will whore themselves for a stupid webmail account.

    Ingenious of Google to make the beta period invitation only, eh? Now unless you have a Gmail account, you're not in the "in" crowd.

  12. Your best post has yet to be written. The day that an update for PulpFiction is announced will bring a slight tint of enjoyment. Still got any gmail accounts left?

  13. Uhmm...this one? 😛

  14. Coke Be Gone. Because it persuaded me to do that too.

    btw, my email is rbtgde [at sign] hotmail [dot] com

  15. "Democrats Have Nice Teeth"

    Definetly had me laughing for a little, even passed it around to some co-workers. Haha, must be those damn dentures.


  16. Ice Cream Separators. This is a fantastic idea and I can't believe no one has come out with a workable product yet. I mean, come on! We live in a technological age and someone can't put little plastic sheets into their production process? I'm going to go pen my letter to Bryers now.

  17. Friend Zone is definiately one of the best...

  18. the card. which was great. but the concept of being 'outromanced' - well, it's been a long time since i've been in love and had an out of control snowball of reciprocation (both ways); it spurred some good memories with just a word (not jealousy, you lucky two)...

  19. gmail please....



  20. Would love to have an email account that gives you more than 10mb of email space. Anyone interested in giving this educator an invite to gmail? Thanks

  21. Yahoo gives much more than 10MB, too, and you don't need an invitation.

  22. I liked the post about Bush's resume here:

    Pretty great example of his interests... =]

    Hope you have an invite left!


  23. My favorite is the one on Cingular and how they suck and any post about sex, oh baby.

    Can I please have a Gmail invite?







    MY REQUEST...........


  25. Hey can i plz plz plzhave a gmail invitation i have been searching for ever plz plz plz plz


  26. hey can i please, please have an invitation? Man i've been searching for it for so long!! Please someone send me an invitation.

    Please im begging you!! 🙁



  27. I liked the "Beer Girl" post ( I know it was "sweeping the nation" at the time, but I read about it here first. Thanks for your blog, and if you have an invite to spare, I'd be very grateful!

  28. pls sent to me gmail invite thanks mail