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I was reading this mini-rant against BBEdit when I read this:

I prefer SubEthaEdit. Its got everything I needed from BBEdit, and extra networking functionality (a couple of my mac buddies from school share and take notes together during class on our powerbooks)…

What a great friggin' idea! Holy cow!

Oh wait, I was the only person in most of my classes with a laptop, let alone one with an Apple on the lid. 😛

4 Responses to "SubEthaEdit"

  1. BBEdit has so many features I love, including the HTML palette & preview in BBEdit. I also love the preview in a new text window, which is a great way to convert an HTML file into formatted plain text. The "process line containing..." command is a great way to extract information I'm looking for from a huge log file, plus it has a lot of other useful editing features including adding or removing suffixes. It also has a nice shell interaction window, which works a lot like MPW's worksheets.

  2. SubEthaEdit & Note Taking

    At WWDC I participated in a few collaborative note taking sessions. This is by far one of the best uses for SubEthaEdit. It would have been cool to do this in classes, but I too was often the only person...

  3. I am a web developer and BBEdit is the best editor I have used on the mac. Some times I will use Skedit to start my skeleton templates, but I usually do the heavy lifting and updates in BBEdit. I don't think it is the best editor for what I do, I would take a bits of Homesite and make it like a Mac application. (Dreamweaver does not count cause that has too much bloat and is like Windows Dreamweaver for Mac, not a Mac Dreamweaver)

    I used SubEthaEdit, and the rendezvous networking is cool, but the only time I've used it was at WWDC. Plus waiting for SubEthaEdit to syntax highlight my code, while not long, was more of a delay then I was willing to deal with every time I opened a document.

  4. Collaborative Text Editing

    Using SubEthaEdit to enable multiple users editing a text file