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QotD: Bartlet

Question: Would you rather vote for Jed Bartlet (let's pretend it's the re-election year, after the MS thing, and not the first go-round) or John Kerry for the Democratic nominee?

My Answer: Bartlet. Easily. I may not agree with all or even most of his stances on things (in, yes, a fictional TV show), but at least he's got conviction and a will to do things. But really, how many vice presidents can that guy go through? Neither would get my vote in the general election, though.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Bartlet"

  1. Bartlet. Charisma, a firm stance on his issues, and I actually feel as if I could like the guy are keys to a good candidate. How many of those qualities does Kerry have? 0.

  2. Definitely, Jed Bartlett. Although I think it's kind of sad that the the best presidents are the fictional ones. =Sigh=

  3. Forget that liberal wimp Bartlett. My vote would go to David Palmer of "24". Now there's a guy with morals and conviction, but willing to admit he can be wrong, and hires the best people. If only our real-life choices can be as good as what Hollywood portrays.

  4. I can't remember exactly when it was, but several months ago before primary season I saw a car on the freeway with a "Bartlet for America" bumper sticker.

    And yeah, he'd get my vote too.