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Rob and I went shooting today. We played a game he called "cricket" wherein you have anywhere from 4 to 10 targets, and you have to make them in order to continue on to the next one. Of course, if you think you've made one you can move on, but if you end up being wrong you start the next round back a few slots.

It's a tricky game and it is certainly one I enjoyed. We shot both the 9mm (one- and two-handed) as well as the .22. The .22, with the scope, was clearly much easier even though the damn thing weights fourteen pounds (or so it feels).

Good stuff. Rob will be taking care of Flint while I'm gone, so this and a dinner a week ago are his treats. 🙂

4 Responses to "Cricket"

  1. Just curious: when you shoot two-handed, do you aim for the same target with both hands or are you able to shoot two targets at the same time?


  2. Why are you so obsessed with guns don't you realise that guns is not the answer to anything? Kids get shot in america because a kid takes daddy's gun in school and kills that 5 year old kid. You seem to be just interested in that now, nothing else. Are you in a militia as well? Did you get that nice gun. Pfff pathetic

  3. Jon, that's one of the dumbest things anyone has ever posted on my blog, and there have been some whoppers. 😛

  4. Jon, in Switzerland, every man has a SIG SG 550 assault rifle and a pack of ammunition at home. Yet kids don't take daddy's gun in school. I think you're taking shortcuts here.