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iPod Etiquette

It's "official" too as it comes from Apple:

Remove both earbuds:
During a job interview
Taking your driver's test
When your sweetie calls

Remove one earbud:
Listening for your flight
Buying groceries
When a coworker calls

Leave 'em in:
Visiting the inlaws
At the laundromat
When your boss calls

7 Responses to "iPod Etiquette"

  1. I had/have really good job security, and when we first moved offices I had to share a big office with my boss till mine downstairs was vacated. I would just listen to my iPod all day to try and drain out my boss. The best is that he has the tendency if he is in the same room to nit pick and ask stupid questions. With the iPod on, even though I could slightly still hear him, I could just keep working away. If I knew it was something important that I wanted to give him my input I could just pretend like it was in a quiet part of a song and so I could hear him. Otherwise unless it was really important to him he would just give up and not bother me about it.

  2. Surely there is some mistake. "When Your Sweetie Calls" is a one-earbud event for sure.

  3. Sometimes your "sweetie" makes you want to put them both back in, not take them out.

  4. Where on apple's site is this.

  5. Just be sure that when you take only one out for your sweetie, that it doesn't dangle too close to the receiver.

  6. Nobody has mentioned the option of leaving them in and pausing the music to listen. The advantage of this is people don't think you are listening. Great when you want to eavesdrop.

  7. Or silently and unseen plug out your jackplug. It'll stop and nobody will notice :op

    At least, with the 4G, which should arrive in a couple of days 😀