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QotD: President

Question: Who was the greatest President of the United States?

My Answer: I've been alive for Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bush Number 1, Clinton, and Bush Number 2. Of those, Ronald Reagan was clearly the greatest president. Going back, well, I have only what the history books tell me, but from what I remember of those I'm going to have to go with FDR. It might surprise some that Bush Number Two finished third in this poll asking the same question.

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6 Responses to "QotD: President"

  1. I've never understood why people say Reagan was so great. I mean, by all historical accounts he seems to have been an idiot! His first term he nearly "lost" the Cold War. His second term he didn't "win" it, the USSR gave up. "Star Wars" ? Iran-Contra? etc, etc

    So... why do you like him so much?

    I lived through Reagan on up, but didn't really start paying any attention (or having the intelligence to pay attention) until Clinton, so he's quite obviously the best of what I know. Overall, I'd say FDR or Lincoln or Jefferson.

  2. I have to agree with Charles, what is your view on why Reagan was so great? Is it because you think he did great things, or because you have been told that someone whom just passed away was great?

    My vote... Clinton.. I like Carter (more for what he has done *after* being president), hell even Nixon was not *all* evil... But Reagan???? I think it is very valid that Bush compares himself to Reagan...

  3. I wouldn't judge a president on how well he did on wars...

  4. I think it's quite clear that Reagan and the Bush Dynasty ar the lowest rating presidents in history. Reaganomics was a total disaster. All of them have fought senseless wars against faceless enemies, never won nothing, destroyed the environment and lead the country into complete poverty. Clinton really did nothing (nothing good, nothing bad) which puts him up there in the top of the last 2.5 decades. Really, a politiciaon who does nothing is the safest kind. Carter and JFK had some really shining moments. Nixon was a scheister but had some good policies - and most of the early presidents were pretty good because they helped define freedom in a new country.

  5. I haven't lived through the presidencies of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Wilson, FDR, or Kennedy. But I haved lived through Clinton's. I trust my own experience more than history books. Clinton wins.

  6. I think it's quite clear that Reagan and the Bush Dynasty ar the lowest rating presidents in history

    It's not clear. If you're going to make statements like that on this blog, either support them or rethink what you have to say, please.

    Especially when you're provided with a poll that puts both Reagan and W in the top five.