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Rosie Takes Shot At Bush During Gay-Friendly Cruise

I swear to $DEITY, that's the headline.

5 Responses to "Rosie Takes Shot At Bush During Gay-Friendly Cruise"

  1. It's probably just me, but I'm missing the problem. I'd expect Rosie (well, at least Rosie) to say something about this administration's attempts and removing her personal rights.

  2. Rosie is quite an annoying person. She doesn't want anyone to have guns, but her bodyguards sure can have them. Anyways, who cares what Rosie thinks.

  3. Grayson, you see, the thing is… If someone has to explain the joke to you…

  4. How about this headline?

  5. A real interesting headline would be if she attacked the Vice President: Rosie Ravages Dick During Gay Friendly Cruise", sub head "Dick left weakened and drained after encounter with Rosie. Dick says heart wasn't up for it."

    Since she didn't mention the VP we can only assume: "Rosie prefers Dick to Bush."