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QotD: Steak

Question: What is your favorite kind of steak?

My Answer: At the Outback, I always always always get the Melbourne, a 20 oz. porterhouse. At nearly every other steakhouse, I'll get the prime rib. I like juicy, rare-cooked steak. I'd like the filets more if they weren't so damn small.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Steak"

  1. I usually get the Outback Special (12 once? whatever the bigger one is). It's a bit more, but I think I actually prefer the filet mignon they have. Benihana has some good stuff too.

  2. Steaks: The Ribeye

    Erik asks about steak. This is an easy one. The Ribeye. Flavorful, marbled, a great cut. I like it done simply, I like it with strong sauces or marinades. It usually has enough character to stand on its own - even with something like a Blackened Cajun ...

  3. Victoria's Filet. It may be small, but it's tender and tastes great. Besides, gotta leave room for some grilled shrimp or Mount Cholesterol (that huge pile of fries covered with cheese and bacon). My std order at Outback.