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QotD: Bernie Goetz

Question: What do you remember of the Bernie Goetz situation?

My Answer: I don't remember much, but I've recently done a good amount of reading on the situation (and resulting trial) and am interested to see what people remember. Please answer this question from your memory (i.e. don't go Googling).

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One Response to "QotD: Bernie Goetz"

  1. No Googling, I promise. I remember reading either the Daily News or the New York Post headline the next day, so I was in High School or maybe home on a college break.

    I remember that the guy was described as meek and geeky. I remember that he was immediately branded a "vigilante" and it quickly came out that he was a mugging victim before. I remember that he served a short sentence (for gun possession?) The trial was short, and he said nothing in his own defense and did his time peacefully. After the mess he made of the civil trial in his testimony, I can see why. I do remember he said something to one of the guys before he shot him, but the press went out of the way to paint him in a positive light at that time.