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Trip Update

Carey and I saw The Notebook yesterday. I had a tear or two at the end (which I'll try not to spoil) and we held each other through the entire film. It was a good movie and one I really enjoyed seeing with Carey. I used to watch sappy, romantic, heartstring-tugging movies like The Notebook and hope to some day be in a relationship that felt as good as the one portrayed on screen. Last night I realized that what I saw on screen couldn't even come close to what I have with Carey.

The previous day we took our parents to dinner (yes, all four at once). It may be a bit premature, as it's something you typically do when you get engaged, but we're heading there and the opportunity presented itself. Carey was granted free babysitting, and you've just got to take advantage of that, I've learned!

Earlier that day we went to the Medieval Fair. As we were driving in, Carey and I were frightened by the many, many, many freaks dressed up in their costumes. "Not our crowd!" we thought to ourselves. Okay, so we said it out loud too. We nearly left before we'd even parked, but we ended up having a pretty good day. I was quite scared during the first show - they kept plucking men as participants from the audience. I'm not the participatory sort, you see… It was a great day.

The night before, we had as much fun as is legally allowable at a restaurant. Buck's Grill near Geneva, OH serves bison, alligator, and snake along with chicken and beef. Everything we did was funny, uproariously so, but we didn't disturb other diners. We got liquored up and went back to the hotel room to pretend to sleep.

The only thing that disappoints me about this trip is the amount of video and pictures I've gotten so far. I carried the little sony DV camera around the Medieval Fair and captured a grand total of zero minutes of footage. I'm not the type who shoots pictures/video left and right, but I wish I could get into it a little more. I have captured a few cute Little One moments, and Carey is in a few shots too. What little footage I have so far will have to suffice until I next see Carey in September (the 14-22nd - I'll get to attend her brother's wedding, the tickets are purchased).

Oh well… There's so much to say, and we've said it to each other. Submitting y'all to the pain of having to read it, well, I'll spare you. 🙂