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QotD: QotD

Question: Should "QotDs" (here, on this blog) continue?

My Answer: I like 'em, so put one in the "yes" column. But, hey, we'll see.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

25 Responses to "QotD: QotD"

  1. no.

  2. NO (thank you).

  3. YES! Though, cutting them down to one per day would be good.

  4. yes - they're often amusing and easily skip-able.

  5. No, they are silly. You sometimes use them to start a discussion about something that you could just as easily have a non-QotD post about. And ... I think that because there are enough random, goofy QotDs that you post that people may miss the fraction of them that are worth reading.

  6. No

  7. Er, let me amend my "No".

    How about an rss feed that doesn't have them? That could be a decent solution as well for the people who tire of it.

  8. No, though a seperate RSS feed is a good idea ...

  9. Yes.

  10. I like it when there's just one a day - but it's your blog man, do what you like 🙂

  11. I've never posted more than one per day, so I'm not sure why that's even coming up.

  12. I don't think you should even ask. I agree that most of the questions are simply a way for you to start an entry that doesn't require the question and that others are stupid. However, some are inciteful and it's not a QotD if it's not, well, daily.

    So, mostly since your vote is "yes," I say "screw them" and do whatever you want.

  13. Make that another Yes vote here.

    Where else would I get them for my blog?

  14. Yes!

  15. Yes! I constantly admire your creativity in choosing these daily questions, and focus on them as part of my morning webreading to stimulate my thinking and pick up interesting information. It would be sad not seeing these anymore; keep it up, Erik!

  16. QotD: QotD

    __Question: Should "QotDs" (here, on this blog) continue?__

    My Answer: They're not exactly daily here (almost), but I quite enjoy them. Maybe they should be in a sidebar here as well (like DoubleShot and maybe movies)? I vote yes, as I've only j...

  17. Yup. Always interesting, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes amusing.

  18. I'd say no, but you could add them to a feed of their own, and perhaps move all the gun-talk to that feed as well 😉

  19. I rather enjoy the QotD's, personally. However, ultimately, it's your blog, your rules, your say.

  20. No, in fact if you could stop discussing guns, and other things I don't like that would be swell. No wait I mean yes, please continue asking the questions, I like them. Its a nice chance to take a minute and think about something I might otherwise not. Really who am I to tell you how to run your blog. I'll probably read what you have to say until you stop saying things where I can read/hear it.

    C'mon people, the man has built you an application that could make the feed custom tailored for you, no QotD, no guns.

  21. Yes, you should continue with the QotDs, I like to think about 'em.

  22. Yes, becaus eI read yours. then post them on my own blog...and without your's I'll have to...come up with my own.

  23. Yes.

  24. IMHO the problem with the QotD is that too often it is related to the next post which makes it feel like you put no time at all into it. This in turn makes me feel skip over them. I'd be much happier with a "Question of the 'Whenever I have a decent question'" You know --- QotWIHaDQ 😉

  25. Yes. They're interesting, skippable, and not very large. Keep at it!