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LaunchBar and Party Shuffle

launchbar.gifI love iTunes' Party Shuffle mode. I love LaunchBar.

Why oh why can't the two work together? When I locate an MP3 or AAC file to play, why can't LaunchBar allow me to "Play next in party shuffle" as iTunes can?

Short of setting all of my MP3s to open with some AppleScript that accomplishes this, what - if anything - can be done to accomplish this?

P.S. Heh, look on Google for LaunchBar and Party Shuffle and see what you get. 🙂

7 Responses to "LaunchBar and Party Shuffle"

  1. Beta 8 of LaunchBar 4 was released yesterday (it rocks), so why not ask the developer to add the feature if possible? The developer has done quite a bit of work on LaunchBar 4 so far.

    Because of LaunchBar (helped with Exposé and the new Command-Tab in Panther), I just don't use the dock anymore.

  2. It's funny. I sent an email to the launchbar talk mailing list last night with the exact same request. Yeah, drop an email to Norbert. He's usually pretty responsive.

  3. You really should try QuickSilver - it has iTunes integration and is amazing.


    Article that mentions itunes party shuffle integration.

    It's in Beta - but is very stable.

  4. Check out ByteController. I installed it a while back and have assigned Ctrl-Space to pause/play iTunes, Ctrl-Right Arrow for next song and Ctrl-Left Arrow for previous song. It's in prerelease, but I haven't had any problems using it after a couple of weeks.


  5. Why would he want to switch if he's happy with Launchbar?

  6. Justin: because Quicksilver is much better. That's like asking somebody why switch to the Mac if a PC works? There's such a thing as working, and such a thing as working well.

    Anyway, I agree with Diggory - Quicksilver is far suberb to LB and already supports play next in party shuffle.

  7. Right: I'm using LaunchBar. I'm not using QuickSilver. Plus, I use Synergy and will not be using ByteController. That doesn't even come close to solving the same problem anyway, Chuck.