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National Treasure

My sister pointed me towards a new movie called National Treasure. It looks rather interesting. I've always been a big fan of this type of movie, regardless of the facts in which it may or may not be based. I read The DaVinci Code and a few of Dan Brown's other books, and I used to read Agatha Christie (until I read all of her books). This movie doesn't exactly fit the role of a mystery, and thinking about that, I have to say that the mystery genre seems to be rather much dead in American cinema.

That's sad.

3 Responses to "National Treasure"

  1. I saw the preview for this venture at the movies last night. Will Lyman did the voiceover; he's the same guy who narrates Frontline for PBS.

    The preview looked, in a word, awful. But at the end of it, somebody down near the front of the theater said, loudly, "Man, Frontline used to be all about hard news. What's this crap?"

    A surprising number of people cracked up at that one. I guess Frontline's more popular than I realized.

    (Also popular: "Michael Moore has gone too far this time!")

  2. Not only is the mistery genre gone, but directors go hog wild on plot twist madness. Just this week we were joking that in his next movie, M. Night Shyamalan should get rid of plot twists and present a linear storyline. It will be so much different than any other movie that has been shown in the last 5 years that he'll probably nail an Oscar or two.

  3. Jeff, I don't even think you're talking about the right movie.