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QotD: Group

Question: If you were to be invited to join one current musical group, which group would you join and what instrument would you play?

My Answer: I'd join R.E.M., and I'd play the trumpet because that's all I really know how to play (the piano and the kazoo probably don't count).

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9 Responses to "QotD: Group"

  1. Does GarageBand count?

  2. I'd play the Bass for The Dave Matthews band.

  3. How does piano not count? :/

    I'd play piano for a group like A.C. Newman.

  4. R.E.M. would be my choice too, but then play some nice guitar.

  5. I would play the drums in Alicia Keys band. Why? 1st: Because I can. 2nd: Sounds like the best opportunity to make her shuffle... 😉

  6. This assumes that we'd be good enough to fill the spot right? Okay, I'd be the Bassist for Primus. I can actually play most of their songs that Les did on a 4 string Bass. Sometimes I can even fake what he does on a 6 string on my 4 string. Not well mind you, but ya does what ya can with what ya gots.

  7. I would go with the Aquabats, but I would be like George Clinton and just sort of stand there and rock out on stage while everyone else is playing.

  8. Aquabats have some big shoes to fill. Those guys do an amazing live show. If I had half the chance and was worth my salt I would love to sing or play guitar for a small outfit by the name of Tool. If not them then maybe some other prog rock outfit like Mars Volta or Coheed and Cambria.

  9. I think I'd want to play guitar for Live.