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QotD: High School

Question: If you could go back to high school to relive one event exactly as it happened, what would you pick?

My Answer: My senior year I shot an 88 in the first round of district qualifying for the state golf tournament. Earlier that summer I'd won the Erie County junior golf championship (in the 17/18 age bracket as a 17-year-old) and had competed in a few state-wide tournaments. I shot a 69 in the second round (who knows how I even made the cut?) to finish one shot out of the top five. The course was new to me, but I simply played like crap on the first day. A 75 on that course (some course in Sharon, PA - I still have my yardage book somewhere) would have put me into first by a good margin - eight shots or so, if I recall correctly.

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One Response to "QotD: High School"

  1. The first time I got stoned.