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Kerry Campaign Posters

Hey, to save you all the trouble of posting on my blog with the same old crap I've been hearing for the past five or six months, I've created some campaign posters for you all.



Don't bother commenting here unless you've got something funny to say.

18 Responses to "Kerry Campaign Posters"

  1. Bush/Cheney 04 - Headcount is down, profits are up, life is good.

    Bush/Cheney 04 - What part of $600/year in your pocket don't you get?

    Bush/Cheney 04 - TERROR! SCAREY! VOTE FOR US!

    Bush/Cheney 04 - Because evil, death-loving dictators need love too.

  2. See, that's funny Brendan (and Tim), so it can stay.

    You can disagree with me all you want, but do so respectfully, and on this entry, with a good amount of humor.

  3. I don't see the point behind the 'millionaires' one.

    Because, you know, Bush was born a poor, black child, and still lives on government cheese.

  4. Jon, the answer is this: Bush isn't campaigning by saying he's "one of us." He's an American (as is Kerry) which makes no distinction on wealth, but Kerry/Edwards seem to try to push the whole "we are one of the normal folk" message a little too hard.

    Neither of these comments are very funny, though, so let's pick up the humor, people! 🙂

  5. first, second, third, and just for good measure.

  6. Bush/Cheney 04 - "If the job of government is to try to set priorities, a priority is to help children of prisoners find love."

    Bush/Cheney 04 - “I want to thank the Knights [of Columbus] for their help in helping low-income parents in Washington, D.C. escape from schools.”

    Quotes are from

  7. Actually, these Bush-Cheney bumper-sticker spoofs are all courtesy of an email a friend at work forwarded to me. Some you'll recognize, some you might not...

    - Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot

    - No one died when Clinton lied.

    - Save the Environment: Plant a Bush back in Texas

    - Librarians for Laura... one reader in the Bush family seems to be enough.

    - Any man who can render himself unconscious with a pretzl isn't smart enough to lead the Free World.

    - The last time someone listened to a Bush, folks wandered around the desert for 40 years. (Not quite true, but funny nonetheless)

    - Read between the Pipelines.

    - Democrats are sexy... Who ever heard of a great piece of elephant?

    - Stop mad cowboy disease.

    - Who knew Jeb was the smart one?

    - One Nation... under surveillance

    - George and Dick got rich - did you?

    Then, of course, was the Sloganator (R.I.P.).

  8. Nader '04 - Hey, at least I'm still trying.

  9. Sorry for teh double post. Feel free to merge. I just came up with some better ones.

    Bush '04 - War begins with Dubya

    Bush '04 - Creating jobs. Just not in this country

    Bush '04 - Taking out the terrorists before they become terrorists

    Bush '04 - Who needs WMD when you have GWB?

    Bush '04 - Help is not on the way in.

    Kerry '04 - Three purple hearts. Three colors on the flag. COINCIDENCE?

    Kerry '04 - The only guy who could win this election that isn't named George

    Kerry '04 - Don't like me? Shove it.

    Kerry '04 - Free ketchup to people who vote for me.

    Kerry '04 - The only way my face could get longer is from the frown of losing the election.

  10. Michael Moore - "Just as much a raving fringe lunatic as that walking skeleton Ann(e?) Coulter!"

    Kerry - "Top hat and a beard: We've got Lincoln!"

    Clinton '04 - "Don't you miss the blow jobs?"

    Clinton '04 - "Because my book outsold Bill's... And I've got bigger cajones."

    Gore '04 - "Please help, I'm tired of waiting tables!"

    Pat Buchannan '04 - "Now with confusing ballots in every state!"

    Bush/Cheney - "Imagine the Constitution if we DIDN'T have to worry about reelection!"

    Bush/Cheney - "Enough with the first name/sexual puns!"

    Bush/Cheney - "Or we'll drag the Gipper back out and truck him around the country if you don't."

    Bush/Cheney - "Somewhere there's sand without impact craters."

    Nader '04 - "I'll quit running once I win. Deal?"

    Barzeski '04 - "Free federal money for PulpFiction users!"

  11. Funny Posters

    Erik made some campaign posters. They're funny! Good ones for both sides posted in the comments, too.

  12. A few more:

    Kerry - "Could I look more like a horse?"

    Kerry - "I got da' funk. I be all crunk. We be all up in the Wizzle Hizzle!"

    Kerry - "Help is on the way... But we're waiting on the part to come in."

  13. This post reads like an Onion headline: Local Man Mocks Kerry For Running as 'Not Bush', Plans To Vote For Bush Because He's 'Not Kerry'

  14. Bush/Cheney 04 - We never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people.

    listen to it:

    Ha! Can you top this?

  15. Booga,

    "We will double our Special Forces to conduct terrorist operations" - John Kerry

    John Kerry's Acceptance Speech. Have a nice day!

  16. Dude...that stuff is funny as hell!

  17. heyy yall. in my yound democrats club in school we have shirts that say the best of all phrases "democrats are sexy whoever heard of a nice piece of elephant??!?" ohh yes. byebye bush