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QotD: Dates

Question: Have you ever set something up in advance of a date in order to escape?

My Answer: No - though I have been the caller in many instances. I never really dated. Like, ever. I think I've been on, oh, five dates in my lifetime perhaps?

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3 Responses to "QotD: Dates"

  1. Too bad I didn't have a cell phone when I was dating-- Some of those dates took away hours from life!

  2. I have only had cell phone interuptus once during a date, and it was in such a convoluted way that I am not sure if it was in my favor or not, her contact with an old beau in limbo.

    It ended up with the extremely odd feeling that she was inviting me over to her place, but with the suspicion of asking so so she would have an excuse to stay at his place because she was "rooming a guest". I said, you know I have my own place locally don't you? I wonder which of us she was trying to goad into making a territorial move?

  3. I try to make it a rule of thumb to only date girls that I'm at least a little bit interested in, so arranging the call ahead of time wouldn't make sense. Naturally, I've had my fair share (and then some) of awkward dates, but I usually just grin and bear it... and don't invite her for a bite to eat after whatever activity. I've also been forced to ask out girls I was not interested in (long story), but in those cases I just grit my teeth and remember it's only one evening.