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Currently, the individual pages on this blog do not validate. I blame MovableType for a lot of it. I'm trying to use XHTML 1.1 (and the MathML specs because MT insists on using "target="). I'm sure I could fix a few things here and there, but I'll never get rid of, say, the "valign" crap.

MovableType is rather, rather annoying sometimes.

4 Responses to "Validation"

  1. MovableType is rather, rather annoying sometimes.

  2. Can be annoying, I'll admit. But your individual archives appear to be validating now. What seems to be the problem?

  3. This page doesn't validate

  4. Yep, I see. There's some silliness in the profile link graphic and HTML. I've passed your points on to the dev team. Thanks for the critique!

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