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Guess What I’ve Got

Guess what José brought me today?


3 Responses to "Guess What I’ve Got"

  1. I just bought one a few days ago when I was staying at a hotel with wired ethernet in my room. It worked great right out of the box. Now that I'm home, I'm using it just for AirTunes since I have a Netgear wireless router.

  2. I've got three. Beat that.

    (Three stereo's in teh house)

  3. This is one great piece of hardware. It is such a pity that I bought the UFO-style base station some time ago. Airport Express would have been a much better choice for me. Smaller, more useful, portable and all that at half the price of the UFO.

    Time for some envy. *grumble*

    This is the greatest thing about Apple hardware: it's so much fun to use it.