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Napoleon Bomb

Bill may have liked Napoleon Dynamite, but I thought the movie was a bomb. I laughed at exactly one scene - the election speech dance scene - and only because it the dance was so well and unexpectedly performed that it caught me off guard. I didn't feel like laughing at the shoving of tater tots into a pocket for later consumption. I didn't feel like laughing at Uncle Rico throwing a football. I didn't feel like laughing at the grandma riding dune buggies.

Then again, I'm not 16 anymore, either. I was, however, the oldest person in a full theater. Had I not been there, Arion at 22 would have been the oldest. Napoleon Dynamite may actually be one step below potty humor. 😛

I like offbeat - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is my favorite movie, after all - but Napoleon Dynamite was simply an exercise in boredom.

2 Responses to "Napoleon Bomb"

  1. I'm still going to see the movie. I wanna hear some of the phrase spoken. I'll only have to pay $5.

  2. I'm 23. 🙂