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QotD: AirPort Express

Question: Do you have an AirPort Express?

My Answer: I do now! It's attached to the stereo in my living room.

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6 Responses to "QotD: AirPort Express"

  1. QotD: AirPort Express

    NSLog(); asks: do you have an Airport Express?

    Before I bought my Airport Express earlier this week, I was considering the best way to play music from my Mac through my stereo. When I was at a hotel with only wired Ethernet, I decided to buy one so ...

  2. Yep! Picked it up at the Clarendon Store a week ago (had to go on a waiting list). I have mine hooked up to the Home Theater - we have one of the Altec Lansing jobs for the iPod by the kitchen/dining room.

  3. Three. See the other Airport Express post.

  4. Curse you to APX owning cursedness!

    Mainly because stupid Apple haven't got them in New Zealand yet, damn it. Hopefully early this week... I ordered it back in June.

  5. I love my AirPort Express. However, I think there is a bug in its WPA implementation. When in WPA client mode, it will randomly take down my entire 802.11b/g network for about a minute. When network traffic is unencrypted or using WEP, everything is fine. I've never had any problems using WPA prior to this, and I've had some pretty heavy traffic that would mimic typical AirPort Express usage scenarios.

  6. Yup got one already. Love it.

    My post...