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Golf Ball Prices

Golf ball prices have never been cheap. I used to play the Titleist DT line - back when the DT was a wound, liquid-center ball with a surlyn cover - because a dozen only set me back $19.99 on sale, or $24.99 in a pinch. That price compared favorably to the Titleist Professional or the Titleist Tour. Nowadays, you can't even find a wound ball! "The wound ball is officially dead" claims a article.

I picked up some Callaway HX Red/Blue balls today for $19.99 - they were on sale from $29.99. Titleist Pro V1s were going for $44.99 - a bit too rich for my blood, currently. I could have picked up a bunch of Titleists (a mixed lot) for $19.99, but the balls were logoed and I used to collect logo golf balls (and will start again when I find a logo ball "in the wild"). The Nike One Black is an intriguing choice as well. All other balls? Bah. Nike and Titleist, and these cheapo Callaways while I'm getting my swing back. That's my focus.

One Response to "Golf Ball Prices"

  1. Give the Maxfli Noodle ball a try... Amazon has a 12 pack for $19.95. I think you might like them too.