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QotD: Money

Question: What's the most money you've ever found?

My Answer: I've found a few $20 bills in my day, but nothing larger. I consider found money to be a gift, and so I make a rule of spending it taking a friend to dinner, buying them a small gift, or something like that. Of course, if there's any chance of finding the owner, I do that first. I know I've been very happy when people have pointed out times when I dropped a bill or two.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Money"

  1. I once found $50 at a family yard sale... a few hours later the owner retured.

  2. I found $200 at the parking garage at Miami International Airport by a trash bin. I spent it on a Super Nintendo with a Star Wars game, and then I took my girlfriend out for a nice dinner and a movie.

  3. $100 bill in the grass at Jazz Fest New Orleans 1995, I was 12

  4. $100 in an encyclopedia I borrowed to do a report in middle school. It was the volume that had "M" in it, and it was on the page that had "money" on it. Turns out the family I borrowed it from had a grandfather who hid stuff like this around the house all the time. I returned the cash, they gave me ten bucks out of it anyway.

  5. Found $100 once in the parking lot of a sporting good store. My friends made me buy them pizza, so at least it went to good use.

  6. While I was a paperboy I once found about $20, in $1 bills, in a pile in an alley. That was weird.