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R.E.M. in Pittsburgh, November 7

I've got my tickets to see R.E.M. in Duquesne University's A.J. Palumbo Center on November 7. Yes, apparently this means I'll be going to PA in early November as well as mid-September, but the timing works out well: I might be moving back later that month, it's a month and a half after the last visit (keeping the timing down to about 45 days between visits), and so on.

Anyway, November 7, section 1, row E, seats 13 and 14. Carey - who doesn't particularly care for R.E.M. - and me. The last time I saw them was… was August 25, 199 in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

One Response to "R.E.M. in Pittsburgh, November 7"

  1. Lucky bastard! R.E.M. is like so cool! 😉