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Question: Who will win this year's PGA Championship?

My Answer: Tiger Woods' game has been fixing itself up lately, and I'm going to choose the #1 player in the world for the past, oh, five or six years as the favorite.

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3 Responses to "QotD: PGA"

  1. I sure hope Tiger has got his 'A' game back (if only I could play as 'badly' as he has been recently). The golf world just hasn't been the same without his utter dominance, especially since the Majors seem to be the exclusive domain of instantly forgettable nobodies (almost forgot) nowadays.

    Tiger aside, my money's on Els, Goosen or Garcia (would be nice if a European could win for a change).

    However, I think the star of the show will be the course itself. Looks incredible, though perhaps not as 'linksy' as some are suggesting. The course details make interesting reading too, especially the bit about spectator footprints in bunkers; though anyone who's played any public course will assume that that's the norm anyway. And would it not have been easier to say which holes water may not come into play on?

  2. The course will definetely steal the show but a big name will not win. TIM CLARK! "Linksy"? This course puts links on the map. There is nothing like this property on Earth. When the boys look down for a yardage on the sprinkler heads I'm the one to thank. I measured the course for the championship last October and did graphic work for the best yardage guide company in the biz (Best So I can sit here at my computer and know there is only one person that knows this course better than I do, PETE DYE. It's unfortunate that Shaun Micheal decided to shoot 77 at the Champions day pro-am a month ago because the course was to play longer and harder! The PGA moved some tees up (#1 was to play the full 490 it could play and the first cut of rough was trimmed down). It should be exciting but if the wind is blowing all the praise you heard at the begining of the week will be silenced by the crying we all heard at the Open Championship at Carnoustie. Not because the course is unfare but the tour pro's of today are too soft. Better them than me! All, enjoy this week. I can't wait until the USGA tries to ruin this masterpiece in 07' like they did Shinecock this year. Put the tee in the ground and "Time to Intimidate"!

  3. Well, as usual, it will be a close call between Altera and Xilinx.