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What If?

What if this happened?


Fortunately, Jeff has the answer.

One Response to "What If?"

  1. I think I know this... even before I read Jeff's answers... lets see... House votes for the President, Senate votes for the Vice-President (if they tied in the electoral vote as well)... I think CNN, and I think it was Bill Schneider had something on this a few months ago... he went into all the wacky yet possible outcomes.

    Two of them stuck in my mind... this one and Bush could win the popular vote, yet loose the election. In doing so he would be the first President to take office by loosing the popular vote only win the popular vote in the following election only loose the Presidency.

    However I think Jeff is right in his analysis (how it works) but wrong on his outcome... he is using the assumption that Congress will stay in its current configuration. The current session of Congress end at noon on Jan 3rd 2004 (via the 20th amendment). The Vice-President tabulates the Electoral College vote sometime after that... in 2002 it was Jan 6th (I think). So we really don't know who would win... in the event of a tie.

    Does anyone know the exact date the Electoral Votes are tabulated? I'm really do think its at Jan 6th @ 1pm.