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QotD: Weird Hobbies

Question: What is one of your more unusual hobbies?

My Answer: I collect golf balls with logos on them. I have about 300 - a tiny, tiny collection - golf balls with logos on them. The logos are of different golf courses, companies, and events. I reject dirty balls and balls that aren't white (like the hideous orange or yellow ones). I trade non-logo golf balls for ones with logos - people aren't usually terribly interested in keeping them - and I find logo balls in hazards, under bushes, and so on. I don't have any duplicates (that I know of). It'd be nifty if I could find some software that would store pictures and information about my collection, but it's mostly "something to do" when I do it.

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10 Responses to "QotD: Weird Hobbies"

  1. I collect ThinkGeek T-Shirts whose puzzlement power towards people I know is maximal (except for jr who groks them all).

  2. I collect Mac OS Retail CDs. So far I have about 27, going back to system 7.0 Since nothing before 7.0 came on CDs, I don't have any of the earlier systems (I don't want a bunch of floppies). I have stuff like System 7.0 (very hard to fined) and DP2 and DP4 of Mac OS X. I still need a few to fill in some gaps (most importantly Rhapsody and DP3), so if anybody wants to contact me that has some RETAIL (not the disks that came with your computer), email me at the address above!

  3. Ewww, dirty balls. I'd reject those too! 😛

    I used to collect empty beer bottles when I was younger. I had all sorts of beer bottles from all around the world. At its height, I had as many as 370 bottles, each one different. Not a bad collection. But when I moved, the thought of moving all those damn bottles being a chore-- I threw them all away. Not a huge loss.

    My main hobby right now is collecting Star Wars action figures and baseballs with the team logos printed on them.

  4. I collect snowglobes and Eiffel Towers. I have about 15 snowglobes that range in size from about 2 inches high to about 13 inches high. The large Disney snowglobes are my favorite, but are a bit too rich for my blood, since they can cost over $100 each, depending on which one you want. I have about 5 or 6 Towers, but I'm looking for an Eiffel Tower snowglobe…

  5. QotD: Weird Hobbies

    Erik asks "What is one of your more unusual hobbies?"

    I seem to continuously pick up and drop weird hobbies. Maybe that's my hobby -- a meta-hobby.

    I've been through almost any musical instrument you can name, including the super-cool ones li...

  6. I collect and restore vintage Sunbeam Mixmasters, have them
    from 1935 to 1960. These machines are so very well made.

    1. Are you still restoring Sunbeam mixmasters? How does one get in touch?

    2. Please reply with your contact information - I have a 10A model that I just bought through ebay that needs some work and would love to send to you! Thank you!

  7. I collect Guiness cans.

    They are full when aquire them,but soon become empty.

  8. I collect plastic shopping bags from all over the world. At the moment my collection spans the globe, from England, France and other european countries, to Croatia, and Saudia Arabia in the middle east, and hong kong and singapore in the far east, plus all across the Americas. I have bags dating from pre 1978, and the beginning of the plastic shopping bag, until present times. My collecting now, totals over 600, but it is growing everyday by a few.