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QotD: OmniWeb 5.0

Question: Did you buy OmniWeb 5.0? If not, will you?

My Answer: I did. I upgraded an educational license for $9.95. If I had to pay the $29.95, I don't think that I would have.

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14 Responses to "QotD: OmniWeb 5.0"

  1. I tried it. I wanted to like it, I really did. But I found it to be slow and buggy. Besides, it can't render the Dallas Morning News properly. So I dumped it after just a few minutes.

    Shrug. I have few complaints with Safari.

  2. Nope, Camino works pretty well for me.

  3. Nothing wrong with Safari.

  4. Safari works pretty well for me. I may try it again (I ran with the betas and like it but not $30 US.

  5. No. I tried it and didn't see any advantages over Safari & FireFox. I trashed it after a few minutes.

  6. How is Firefox for Mac? I love it on silly windows. The best thing is, its FREE.

  7. Nah. I'm quite content using Safari and Firefox. Firefox, I think is a very good browser right now. It's not perfect, by my usage, but it's really good. However, I'm quite attached to Safari. It's easy to use, and I prefer it over the bigger, bulkier browsers out there.

  8. Jeremy: FireFox for Mac sucks, because it doesn't use native widgets. See here for more information.

  9. I bought it some months ago and I really love it. But OW shines most for super users, it has so many cool features which one days use probably won't reveal, or which the casual user may not need.

  10. Yep, I purchased it.

  11. OmniWeb 5.0

    Erik over at NSLog has just posted his question of the day: "Did you buy OmniWeb 5.0? If not, will you?"

    I'm starting to use OmniWeb more and more now. Mainly because I love the ad- and popup-blocking features, and it looks a whole lot better tha...

  12. I bought OW 4.5 nearly a year ago and it included a free upgrade to 5.0. I've used all the 5.0 betas since then and, apart from a few gliches in the first couple, it's been pretty smooth sailing.

    At first sight I thought OW was just another browser, but I picked up on some of the behind-the-surface features after a while like the site monitoring, per site preferences, ad blocking, page thumbnails and RSS support.

    I haven't used Safari for months and months now. All that drab brushed aluminium and cramped little tabs...

  13. QotD: Did you buy OmniWeb 5.0?

    Question of the Day: Did you buy OmniWeb 5.0? If not, will you? My answer: I downloaded it a few days ago but didn’t make the decision until after reading Adam’s review earlier today. Seems well worth my $10 (upgrade), so yes, OmniWeb 5 is ...

  14. I will buy it before the trial period is over. I don't notice rendering speed issues, because I am in the boonies without broadband; I'm waiting anyway, and at least it stays on the line after an URL request, unlike Safari, without a haxie.

    Where it IS -fast-, is how it lets me work, with visible moveable tabs. command arrowing from tab to tab. And more.

    I haven't tried it for RSS feeds at all... not even sure how, or if I would tell the difference between regular HTML. How newsreaderish is it? I use PulpFiction, and have used NetNewsWire.

    I used to consider the brushed metal of Safari a plus despite all the hating people give it, , because it helped me pick out one window of many more easy... not as important with Expose or a flexible tabbed browser.