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Today I'm releasing the source code to a simple, goofy little app that we've used internally several times to make decisions when more than two criteria are involved. It's very easy to compare two things and decide which is better, and this process of decision-making is very much like a round-robin tournament wherein each team plays the other one on one. In this process, each criteria "plays against" the others. They're then ranked by the number of wins.

It's open source, but we retain all rights to its use, publication, etc. I'm taking suggestions on what to do with it - it'd be neat to have it rolled into fink or even Mac OS X (it does rely on Foundation after all), but I haven't got a clue how to go about getting those things accomplished. We'll change the licensing and whatnot once we figure all of this out.

At any rate, you can download the source as a .zip archive (six files, one of which is the project and the other of which is the man page) here. Please post comments here, or email me directly.

Update 2008-12-16: I've updated the URL to a current download location.

6 Responses to "Decide"

  1. *Chuckles* This looks familiar. 😉

  2. Grumble...grumble...Fink users must include /sw/include (their Fink-created includes) in their search path...grumble...grumble.

  3. Why the grumbles? Should every developer that releases sources to include fink and darwinports paths just in case?

    BTW, readline 5.0 now compiles out of the tarball on Mac OS X.

  4. I'll throw this into fink for you, sure... However, it would be good if you versioned the zip file. That way the URL won't break if you update the app.

    A fink info file is as easy as:

    Package: decide

    Version: 1.0

    Revision: 1


    Source-MD5: 76282066fb1021ba387d1bfb1e0561e6

    SourceDirectory: decide

    BuildDepends: readline

    Depends: readline-shlibs

    CompileScript: xcodebuild HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS=%p/include LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS=%p/lib


  5. Also, if you give fink permission to distribute the binary and source, i can make the license 'Restrictive/Distributable' so we can host binaries.

  6. Is it just me or is Line 187 of main.m really screwed up in the Xcode (v1.5) editor?