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Help a PC Guy

I got this email from someone recently. If you can lend a hand, by all means, leave a comment and help the guy. He's most likely using a PC, so, keep that in mind:

Tell me what you think of this idea. I was recently looking for one central place to manage my whole life. You know that as we get older there is more stuff to remember and less brain cells to do it with. Do you know of any website or personal software that have the following categories:

  • Budget
  • Bills
  • To Do
  • Calendar
  • Reminders, like outlook but sent to your cell phone via text message.
  • Personal Goals
  • Fitness - keeping track of diet and exercise schedule
  • Gold Handicap Tracker - PGA cert.
  • Fantasy Sports Tracker
  • Memo
  • Ideas
  • Password Tracker
  • Projects

If you're interested in developing something like this, he's asked if that's possible (if such a site doesn't exist).

I know that what he wants can be accomplished with about… five pieces of software (budget, bills in Microsoft Money or something, to do, calendar, reminders, goals, memo, ideas, projects in some PIM or CRM, sports in a sports thing, golf handicap in some golf app, and there are a number of password trackers out there).

Anyway… that's that. Lend a comment if you have an idea or can help.

4 Responses to "Help a PC Guy"

  1. If nobody else has any suggestions of something for him to use, I'd be willing to develop something for him online. A lot of the features are things I've been thinking about doing for myself anyway. If he wants to get ahold of me to talk specifics, have him email me at petiejoe AT hotmail DOT com. I have time that I can work on something like this while at my regular job, so I'd definitely be willing to pick it up.

  2. petiejoe - I would like to look into this a little more. I will email your hotmail account. If anyone else has any comments please jump in.


  3. For reminders, I wrote a java application which notifies my mobile when things are due. It will parse vCalendar files as soon as I get around to writing the requisite classes for it. Currently, it uses cron to popup a window and play a MIDI file, along with emailing my mobile. Have the chap contact me directly (link to my email address is on my web page).

  4. Something that performs that many functions isn't likely to do any of them well. Haven't we learned from the nightmare that was Microsoft Works?