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DropCash for PulpFiction for the EFF

I've now set up a DropCash account for the PulpFiction for the EFF drive. Today is August 19, which means that you've got about 11 days to donate $50 to the EFF and to get your blog's feed listed in PulpFiction's default subscriptions.

As the page says:

For any donation of $50 or more, your personal blog will be listed as a default subscription in PulpFiction. Freelancer blogs are welcome but company blogs are not. You may donate on behalf of others or for several of your own blogs if you wish. FSS will match the total donation (up to $2500) and all funds raised will be donated in the name of PulpFiction and its users to the EFF in early September. Fundraising will take place from now until the end of August 2004.

I've set the goal to $2500 at DropCash, but you're still free to use the link provided when I originally posted.