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QotD: Michelle Wie

Question: What do you think of Michelle Wie?

My Answer: She's won very little. She's over-hyped. She's 14. 2-up going to the sixteenth hole at the recent US Women's Amateur (played at one of my local courses), she said:

I knew she was going to come back… I left myself in a really hard position.

2-up with three holes to play is "a really hard" place? Since when? She's won one thing so far - the 2003 Women's Amateur Public Links championship - and has placed highly in some LPGA tournaments. She made the cut at a men's professional tournament.

Known for frequently powering her drives over 300 yards, Wie hit a driver on the 379-yard, par-4 No. 17, but missed the fairway and failed to get up and down. Her bogey left the match all square.

When you're one up going into the 17th, you're looking for a tie or a win on the hole. Put the pressure on your opponent to make birdie - don't let them win the whole with a par. A two iron and a sand wedge would have probably guaranteed par for Wie, and on such a short hole, perhaps even a birdie. Wie later said:

I think I got a little too aggressive.

Duh! But this is part of it. She's 14, she's relatively new to competition, and she's gotta learn how to handle herself and manage the course. When she wins an LPGA tour event without crumbling towards the end, then I'll reconsider. Until then: she hasn't proven herself at all. It's an interesting story, but that's about it.

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One Response to "QotD: Michelle Wie"

  1. One of the cool things about golf is that the head game is as important as a 300+ yard drive. It does not do you any good to have an earth scorching drive if you can't putt worth crap or if you don't know when to be a bit conservative.

    Wie can't help it because at 14 all you want is to let it rip instead of lay up and setup your shots.