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Tiger to Lose World Number One?

Will Tiger Woods lose his #1 ranking in the world? The margin is slim: 11.93 to Singh's 11.83 and Els' 11.38. It's quite possible that after the WGC NEC Invitational, Tiger could be second or even third.

  • Vijay Singh will be ranked higher than Tiger if he finishes ahead of Woods in the NEC or if the two players are tied outside the top 10.
  • Els will reach #1 if he is third alone, Woods is worse than 15th alone, and Singh is worse than 19th alone.
  • Els could also overtake #1 if he's second alone and Woods finishes worse than a two-way tie for 4th and Singh finishes worse than a two-way tie for third.
  • Finally, Els can also grab #1 if he wins and Woods finishes worse than second alone.

Courtesy of the Official World Golf Ranking site.

3 Responses to "Tiger to Lose World Number One?"

  1. I think maybe Tiger's focusing a bit on things that are hotter and blonder, rather than golfing, lately at least.

  2. Damn you, when I saw the headline I thought "holly crap, Mickelson got his act together at last."

    Like I did not know any better 🙁

  3. The Official World Ranking for Week 34 - August 22nd 2004 is now updated.

    Woods - 12.64Singh - 11.82Els - 11.27Mickelson - 8.91

    This, thanks to Tiger's T2 at the NEC and Phil, Vijay, and Ernie's horrible week. Tiger had some serious fun driving the ball, yet still managed to shoot 70 and 69 while missing fairways by 100 yards.