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QotD: Garden State

Question: Have you seen Garden State? What did you think?

My Answer: I want to. Perhaps I'll get out to see it tomorrow evening. I like Scrubs and the previews looked interesting. I'm not a Natalie Portman guy - she's cute and all, but that's where it ends for me - but I do like movies with a good story, and this seems to have that in spades.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Garden State"

  1. I would like to too. I think the story sounds good and interesting. I'll probably not see it till next week(end) though.

  2. I saw it on Tuesday and must say it's a phenomenal movie. I'm a big Scrubs fan as well, so when I heard last winter that Zach Braff would be writing and directing this film I kept my eyes peeled.

    And what a movie it is -- Natalie Portman was great. I honestly hadn't liked a single movie I'd seen her in, but her character was funny, emotional, and realistic. The cinematography is very solid without being over the top. The music was very well-selected and well-timed.

    All in all it's probably one of the two or three best movies I've seen in several years. Braff has certainly set the bar high for any of his future cinematic endeavors.

  3. I've got to get out to see it. Scrubs is fall down funny. Check out the blog.

  4. I liked it and say so on my blog.

  5. I loved the music, and the soundtrack is incredible. Another record that is like that is the soundtrack to Wicker Park which has many of the same artists doing unreleased songs.

  6. yeah, wicker park has a _great_ soundtrack also. both GS and WP make my top 10 for this year, maybe actually top one and two. love the postal service cover on GS, but it's the cover of phil collins by the postal service on WP that's the keeper!