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Garden State

I saw the movie Garden State with Arion today. He didn't care for it as much as I did. The movie is very real, and I saw bits and pieces of nearly all of my close friends and the relationships I've had with them through the years. It was human, it was funny, it was sad, and the romance was played at just the right level. Zach didn't play the same old Scrubs character in more than a scene or two, when called for. The movie is clever without being too clever, cute without being too cute, and done well without being overdone.

And hey, a blog! I hope I can take Carey to this movie when I'm up in PA mid-September. And then buy the DVD in a few months.

7 Responses to "Garden State"

  1. I'm hopefully going to see this movie in the next few days.

  2. Zach, your film Garden State was totally incredible. I went the other night with a friend of mine and by the first couple minutes, i was amazed. I am for sure seeing it again and again. Very good. Thanks for the great experience in filmwatching.

  3. Charley, housewarmings, and Garden State

    So the weekend was much fun. Three things. The first is about what Hurricane Charley foisted upon Port Charlotte...

  4. well i very much am dying bc i want to see this movie so bad..i have heard about how real it is..and i am wanting to experience that and get clarity on my own life!! but it isnt close by..and i am 15 so i cant see it unless i sneak in..which i would but i would feel bad about not giving the money to the right person..any thoughts?

  5. do you know anyone that is 18 that could take you? i'm 15 and convinced my mom to take me.

  6. Garden there's not much more ican say about this movie that hasn't already been said.

    Its amazing






    It made it to number two of my top 5 fav movies, although I only had one on the list before yours (The breakfast Club) Thats besides the point.

    The movie fill's you with so many emotions, its all those things listed above.


  7. loved it.... that garden state movie you made. and i didn't think scrubs was very funny this week.

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