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QotD: New Olympic Sport

Question: What new Olympic sport would you like to see?

My Answer: Tactical shooting. In other words, running around a course, ducking behind things, having targets pop up. Kinda like you'd see in the movies. Besides, Jay already took the coolest idea: team fencing.

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4 Responses to "QotD: New Olympic Sport"

  1. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Submission Wrestling. Both are similar sports — in the former, the fighters wear a kimono, and in the latter they do not. When the fight starts, it looks similar to Judo or freestyle wrestling, in that both fighters try to take the other to the ground. Once on the ground, the real action begins — with both looking for a choke or lock in order to submit the other (or improving position to gain points). Very exciting sports.

  2. My little rant on a group blog concerning the Pommel Horse and other events I think would be worthwhile additions

  3. I'd to see golf as an Olympic sport. I believe some years ago, they experimented incorporating it into the games, but didn't go for it. Considering the growing popularity of the sport now, it would be nice to see.

    And American football. Considering the U.S. lost its dominance in baseball long ago (the U.S. aren't representing a team this year) and now basketball-- we need something else damn it!

  4. I want to see Capoeira. Golf, but only if it's full contact.

    I have a question for Erik. A friend and I want to go to a shooting range for our birthday(s). How much would it cost for us? Here's the basic information about what we've got.

    No guns. We'd have to rent our own, so that's a bit of an expense. We (obviously) don't have any ammunition to fire off, so we'd have to buy our own. How much is it for you to go shooting? I know you've got your own guns so it's significantly cheaper for you, but how much is it for some time at the range?

    And if you know, how much would it be to rent a gun and buy some bullets? I mean, if you know of some resources to look at I'd be glad to, but I don't know anything about even what to google.

    Oh, and are seventeen-year-olds allowed to shoot at a range?