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Multimedia Instructor

multimedia_instructorNow I ask you, gentle blog visitor: what in the hell does "3D modeling" and "Animation" have to do with "E-Commerce" and "PHP"? My goodness: this has to be one of the worst jobs ever!

Talk about "jack of all trades, master of none." The minimum requirements for this kind of job must be "can you identify which applications might be used for 3D animation?" Experience in "one or more of the following"? Huh? I mean, I consider myself to be fairly competent at PHP, which is exactly the reason I've stayed away from ASP. ColdFusion? That shit is still around, and people still want to learn it?

There must be some real top-quality instructing going on at the Erie Institute of Technology, I tell you!


Anyway, yes, I'm kinda looking for a job up in Erie. I'll, after all, be giving up the little consulting business I've built up down here in southern Florida. It'll also be good to have health care again. Ideally, I'd like a braindead job that will get me through the winter so that I can return to playing golf whenever I want during the spring days and working on FSS in the evenings, rainy days, etc. During the winter months, I'll have two jobs and can thus save a good amount of money for a house. Carey and I seem to have the same ideas, so that's good. Really though I'm just trying to type so that what I've written reaches the bottom of this really tall ad.

Have I got there yet?

I give up.

3 Responses to "Multimedia Instructor"

  1. It's not Erie, but Nomos, outside of Pittsburgh, sells a radiological medicine system, Corvus, which runs on OpenStep. They've brought it onto OS X.

    A note of caution: last fall they were looking for Cocoa/C++ people, but the job ads on their site now only mention Java and C++.

    They were acquired recently, so there may be a management-induced platform change going on. Or, they may have just decided to advertise for Java/C++ people, intending to train any hires on Cocoa.

    If you want, I can send you a PDF of an Q2 2003 newsletter they had at their old pre-merger site, which talks about the OS X port.

  2. Oh, btw, my good email address is at .mac, "jonhendry".

  3. Erik: You actually fit a decent amount of those options, even the Video Game Design!