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Domain Name Surfing

Sometimes it's fun to check out domain names that are about to expire.

DUMBJOKES.NET - Gee, that'll get the traffic!
WILLYOU.NET - If you're proposing via a web site, probably not.
KIDSWAP.NET - Uhhh… isn't that illegal?
ELECTRICFLY.COM - Sounds like a cool name for a movie production company or something.
DOGCOOLER.COM - For those countries where dog is considered a good meal?
CREAMYSKIN.COM - Message board for "Silence of the Lambs" fans?
BABYFIGHTS.NET - Cockfighting and pit bull fighting has been outlawed, but not baby fighting!

And my favorite…
TIGHTCHICK.COM - A community site, blog, and forum for thrifty women? 🙂