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Empty Apple Store

Have you ever seen an empty Apple Store?

Empty Apple Store

Of course, this is the old variety: wood floors, corian tables. The new (slate/wood) is soooo much cooler.

P.S. In case you couldn't tell, I'm trying to help Chris find a bug in Photon. I like it but have a few suggestions, including a template to edit the string, and an option to add content of your own (like what I'm typing here) to the post as well. This could all be solved, perhaps, with an "Ask" option in the "Entry Creation" menus.

2 Responses to "Empty Apple Store"

  1. Photon

    By the way, yesterday's picture was posted with Photon, a plug-in for iPhoto that lets me post images directly from iPhoto. I like the idea, but like Erik from nslog(), have issues with the fact that I have to edit...

  2. Photon is now open source. I've written about Photon several times. Like here, and here, and here, and, lastly, here. In the last entry, when Photon was made free, I suggested that one of two things was likely to be...