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Pathetic iTMS Partial Album

Yep. It's pathetic.

8 Responses to "Pathetic iTMS Partial Album"

  1. Yeah, not even a track listing. I recall some albums at least listing all the tracks you can't buy, individually or as an album. Everyone was raving about the movie and its soundtrack. I haven't seen the movie yet, but thought I would at least see what was on the soundtrack on the iTMS. No dice.

  2. Very pathetic.

    After seeing the movie (which is fantastic), I walked out of the theater intent on buying the album immediately on ITunes. No dice. I've spent the last several days looking for the CD itself at all the nearest retail outlets; it's sold out everywhere I've looked. So kudos to the Garden State asshat marketing team.

  3. Whoops, sorry for the double post. What's even more pathetic is that most of the songs on this album (all that I've checked) are available for purchase through ITunes from the individual artist pages.

  4. See, I had the opposite reaction. When we were watching the movie, my friend David and I realized that they compiled the soundtrack by plugging my iPod into a ProTools machine and hitting "shuffle."

    Just a note: I greatly prefer the Postal Service's album version of "Such Great Heights" to the more melancholy acoustic version on the soundtrack. Though it's not the best track on their album. That distinction goes to "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight."

  5. Then post an iMix of the damn thing then, if the songs are already on ITMS.

  6. I betcha the problem is that, because it's a "small" film, they didn't have enough money to buy the required rights that would allow the soundtrack to be sold whole on iTunes.

    They probably only got digital download rights (or whatever they call them) for the Sim&Garf song. It's retarded, but that's lawyers for you.

    So I'd second the iMix idea.

  7. Looks like someone created an iMix.