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PNC Park 3

Just giving Photon a try… I've already bought it, so I hope it's worthwhile. 🙂

PNC Park 3

Eh, it's OK. It could use a little more customization - the title of this post is kind of silly, and I of course can't edit this text. I'm doing so after the fact. I think it missed posting the category as well, even though I selected one.

3 Responses to "PNC Park 3"

  1. PNC Park is way cool. I've been to two games there and any excuse I get I go back to Pittsburgh and go see a game. I love that baseball field and that city!

  2. I previously used Photon back in August, and today I thought I'd post a few more entries. The software hasn't been updated since then, but the author assures me that there is an update coming "soon." I won't say more...

  3. Photon is now open source. I've written about Photon several times. Like here, and here, and here, and, lastly, here. In the last entry, when Photon was made free, I suggested that one of two things was likely to be...